John Portsmouth Football Club Westwood. Exhibited at the BP Awards 2009 The National Portrait Gallery, London.
The picture is featured in the book
500 Portraits: BP Portrait Award by Sandy Nairn. Published by the National Portrait Gallery .


Painting is a self imposed discipline. My work is essentially about people. Painting people is a way of connecting to my environment in way I could never say or write down in words. It is about identity and questioning assumptions of fixity within signs.

I am interested in the mechanisms we use to project values on to or judge people using common cultural visual markers - in semiotic terms, signs - like clothes, haircuts, jewellery, tattoos. How quickly we arrive at value statements and judgements about personality and background by the way someone looks.

My work has been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and is featured in the book 500 portraits: BP Portrait Award by Sandy Nairn.


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